Tuesday, November 15, 2011

90810 Demographics

While researching other issues, I stumbled on an old neighborhood demographic data search result a friend previously sent to me.


It is a fascinating demographic analysis of our combined (four sub area) neighborhood.

It contains virtually everything you ever wanted to know about our neighbors and neighborhood...at least the parts that are public record.

I was particularly impressed by the median propery value tracker.  It is consistent with other results I've found online and my own research for hte same area.

Note that median values have hovered around $250,000 for the past two plus years.  This is down from a high of almost $600,000 in late 2008.

It is interesting to note that values were still relatively high in the area through much of 2009, but when they crashed, they really crashed.

I wish I could have reposted the entire report, but it is copyrighted.  Though this is merely a non income producing blog intended solely for informational purposes, I am uncertain about reporting of specific search results from a proprietary search engine.  In any event, the information can be viewed at the link near the top of this page.

You can also pull similar information for any other neighborhood of interest.  I recommend adding the link to your favorites., Mike

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